Wines from the Malavasi winery (IT)

      7 products

      7 products

      Logo vom Weingut Malavasi aus der Lombardei in Italien

      Malavasi has a quality growth program for its wines as a production philosophy in terms of sustainability and reduced sulfur dioxide content. For 4 generations, the Malavasi family has dedicated itself to agriculture and especially to viticulture.

      His great-grandfather had been producing wine since the 19th century, which was mainly used in kind for the 50 families who worked for him in the corporate fund. In the years that followed, viticulture gained an increasingly important role in the family business and the production of wine for sale to the public began.

      The products are designed with the intention of stimulating the senses: visual, olfactory & amp; taste in full harmony with the characteristics of the area. The minerality and a climate caused by Lake Garda offer larger temperature ranges and intensify aromas.