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      9 products

      Tasting packages include wines from a single winemaker or winery. We have put together interesting packages of red wines, white wines or mixed wines.

      • Try… is known to be about studying. Taste a selection of our winegrowers' wines at home and find out which wines you particularly like.
      • Discover… Your new favorite wine for a convivial evening on the terrace, the candlelight dinner with the new love or for the cozy time on the couch
      • Enjoy… it usually doesn't take much to be happy. For example a good glass of wine. Our tasting packages include six bottles of wine enjoyment at once. For the benefit!

      PS: Interested in wine packages from different winemakers and wineries Then you should take a look at our wine subscription packages. Here we mix different winemakers from one country, e.g. Italy, sorted into red wines, white wines or mixed.ht.